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Terms and Conditions

  1. Bringing any type of food and drinks into the venue is strictly prohibited.
  2. Bringing any form of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
  3. Carrying knives, firearms and any kind of weapons or sharp objects into the venue is strictly prohibited.
  4. Organizer does not provide any deposit box and are not responsible for any goods lost.
  5. Organizer reserves the right to prohibit Ticket Purchaser to enter the venue in the event the Purchaser does not have a valid ticket.
  6. Organizer is entitled to remove a Ticket Purchaser from the venue if it is deemed necessary for safety.
  7. One or more stages are sponsored by Tobacco Company and therefore audience below 18 years old or pregnant women will be restricted from accessing these areas, however, should the Ticket Purchaser chose to enter these areas the Ticket Purchaser relieves the Organizer of all responsibilities, liabilities or implications of the Ticket Purchaser’s presence in these areas.
  8. Proof of valid ID (Identification Card) is required for every ticket purchase.
  9. Ticket is valid only if it is purchased with the procedure that has been predetermined, which is through purchase of electronic transactions on the official website,, Hodgepodge Festival Mobile Application, JFP Events Mobile Application and other officially appointed ticket boxes by the Organizer whether it is online or offline as stated on
  10. Purchaser is legally entitled to print the e-ticket only one time for each ticket purchased. Duplicating the e-ticket is not allowed and is illegal.
  11. Each ticket is valid for admission to the venue for one person only.
  12. Each ticket uses a unique barcode and is only valid for one person.
  13. Ticket with unique barcodes that has been used previously cannot be used again, Multiple copies of this 1 (one) e-ticket will not be allowed for multiple entries to the event.
  14. Organizer reserves the right to take action to prohibit entry to the venue if the e-ticket with barcode that has been used previously by others.
  15. Organizer reserves the right to process and litigate in accordance with Indonesian regulations either in civil or criminal proceedings against people who got tickets in ways that are not valid, including but not limited to counterfeiting or copying a valid ticket or buying a ticket in a way that do not match those specified by the Organizer.
  16. Organizer is not responsible for negligence of the Ticket Purchaser that resulted in the purchaser’s ticket falling into the hands of others (in the mastery of others) to be used as an admission that eliminates the ticket buyer from entering the venue.
  17. Ticket is NON-refundable.
  18. Purchaser hereby agree to release the Organizer from legal claims through the courts or any means permitted by law in the event of cancellation of the event that was made unilaterally by the artist or the government or other causes beyond the capacity and will of the Organizer.
  19. When there is a cancellation of event, tickets can be refunded in accordance with Organizer's stipulation.

The terms and condition of the purchase and the use of the above (event e-ticket) have been read and fully understood. This terms & conditions also applies to the actual tickets that will be used for entries to the event, although not written on the actual ticket. I understand and agree to be bound by law to the terms & conditions such as at the point (1) up to (19).

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